Welcome To The Dyna

by Dynesti Williams

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In the realm that is hip-hop/soul with a "dash" of reggae, Dynesti Williams welcomes us to her creative space--a space that she calls "The Dyna". Serving powerful and unapologetic creative dishes, The Dyna has no menu. This young lady will be serving something different to your senses every time, and it will always raise your energy. With funky guitar and heavy bass as ingredients added by emerging producer Timian, Welcome To The Dyna is the introduction to Dynesti's rebellious freedom served on a platter.


Welcome to The Dyna
Caution! Close to the fire
How you gunna deal wit' the ting?
No ring, better pay the provider
Got exclusive deal for the whole fam
Wake and break fast, come and get the bread
Higher hire! Higher higher hire!
Dyna servin' wings to the frequent flyer
Heard you under-cooked, had 'em over-bored
'Bout to drop the hook for their life support

Woy! Woy!
Never were the best, just the one employed
Lawd! Lawd!
Preying for a meal? Join the shopping cart

You not (not)
You not (not)
You not (not)
You not
Not, not, not..

K/Not like my dreds
So so/sew, just weave through their heads
Ping pong sing-a-long can't gwan with the Dynesti
Dislike the thread
Hidden on the wall
Brushed off with the plaque
'Bout to bring a ho to hay till I'm on a stack!
Eat the last tick on the timer
Sound the alarm terminating the tryer
Dishin' out my best, men/u exed, no desire
Call my man a chef, he go to work in The Dyna

Woy! Woy!
Can't finish the phrase cuz I'm so annoyed
Lawd! Lawd!
I don't mean to sin, but I swear to God

You not (not)
You not (not)
You not (not)
You not
Not, not, not..

A wolf will dead off outside the door
One knock and I knock you to the floor
Dyna secure, try to rob it's war
Leave you in a pile of your own manure
Nigga found her way out the slavin'
And she's comin' back with the path that's taken
If you wanna build, got rolls/roles for the soul
That could fill that hole with some dough, that's bacon/bakin'
'Bout my assets, not how my ass sets
Multiply while you half-step
D took the lead just to grab them seeds
Introduce niggas to gardening
Scheming through the green with a lawn mower
If you tryna snake, that's a bad omen
Hate the whole set up, every time I get up
Flippin' pyramids till ya'll know it
Not a game you can win without knowing the rules
Fact, nobody wins, we're all confused
Let the instrumental take over my mental
Just so D can let go of the jewels like
You not, you not, you not, you not
Tapped in


released October 13, 2015
Produced by Timian
Written By Melissa Dynesti Williams
Engineered by David Henriques



all rights reserved


Dynesti Williams Toronto, Ontario

Inspiring people everywhere to reconnect to their authentic selves through bold and unapologetic live performances, lyrics, videos, and sonic experiences, Dynesti Williams is an unstoppable powerhouse. Her passion encourages listeners to take a dive into consciousness through hip-hop/soul with a "dash" of reggae. ... more

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